Thursday, August 27, 2009

Me, me, me, it's all about ME!

My gorgeous friend Cat over at La Dolce Vita has passed on a MeMe award. Aw shucks, (blush, blush) I don't know what to say now.

Yeah right, who would believe that! LOL!

Now this one calls for me to reveal seven wonderful things about me and then pass it along to another seven fabulous people.
Umm, seven things about me??? What do you want to know dear readers???

Like you, I eat, sleep put my pants on one leg at a time, (I haven't mastered the art of the two leg jump and get both feet in at the same time thingy yet. Not that I haven't been practising mind you, it's just that I haven't got the timing quite right yet).
Soo after some pondering here's what I could come up with for you all...

1. I'm actually quite shy.
Now stop that all of you, I can hear you laughing, oh yes I can. I take a little while to feel comfortable with people, must be why I art. I quite like my own company.
2. I loathe the telephone.
Have been known to easily ignore it and drive my family nuts. I just don't see the necessity of answering the thing just because someone else is calling. Sometimes I don't want to be available. The other bods who live here however couldn't ignore it if their life depended on it and jump at the infernal machine. Hey I've got an 18 and 20 year old. Who do think the call is for anyway?
3. I don't have a favourite colour (Cat we are the same, how funny!)
I like them all, especially when they are highlighted by other perfect colours partnered to show them off to their best. What more do you want?
4. I love movies and books.
I have too many favs to begin to list them. Am completely happy curled up with either for company and woe betide the idiot who presumes to interupt this perfect condition. (I don't suffer interuptions gladly. Surely you can see I only have 3 pages/minutes to go and the hero/heroine is about to fall/die/blow up).
5. Merlin, my blogger name comes from my cat.
It was the name of a beloved feline friend who has cast off his mortal coil. ('nough said. If you're a pet person you know.)
6. I was once a card carrying member of a medieval re-enactment group.
Loved it. It taught me much about life between 600AD and 1600AD. I cooked banquets for 200 people at a time, made historically acurate clothing by hand and met the most wonderful people. It taught me much, introduced me to a wealth of knowledge I am grateful for and satisfied that peculiar thirst for history I have. I no longer participate for a variety of reasons but am grateful for the time I did. Never stop learning.
and last but not least...
7. I have had no formal art training ever.
Not even participated in a class. (Well since leaving school that is, and that didn't go well either, LOL!) This does not mean however that I don't want to. I am all for class participation and have a list that I am dying/bungyjumping/freefalling from aircraft (preferably with a shute) absolutely going to attend as soon as I can arrange the time/find the class I want/get the dough to get there. Yes, for shame, I was the artistically challenged child that sat up the back while the art teacher shook their head and wondered at the system that required every student had to participate in at least one term of introductory art. So to you I say, do not ever believe the people who tell you, that you can't do it, can't make it, or you are wasting your time, about anything. Stop all self doubt. It is completely destructive and not at all true of anything! I once commented to Seth that I had no idea what rock I had been under for years that meant I had missed the joys that art now brings to me, but that I would never go back. No truer words have ever, and I do mean EVER left these lips dear blog readers. I have at long last learned life's most valuable lesson. Become a NIKE convert!

And now here's a little something about me for free, cause I'm all about free when you can get it/ it's offered/hits me over the head!

I live to laugh!
Nothing makes me happier than a good laugh, especially one shared with friends. I suffer from the typical Aussie irreverent and self deprecating humour that seems to abound here. No topic is off limits. Nothing is above being poked at in the name of a good laugh. I don't mean you need to be rude, crude and crass, but a great laugh really makes the world a better place.

And now to pass the award on to others. For the inspiration, laughs, support, encouragement and sheer joy you have all brought to me, thankyou!

Now for anyone who is not familiar with Mrs. G, anyone who is serving me mancake with my coffee in the cabana is my sorta gal, ROFL!
(Go look girls, go on, you will not regret it, trust me... you will want to hang out in the cabana!) For all the fellas out there, go look too, but be warned...
it's not called the Womens Colony for nothing, LOL!

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La Dolce Vita said...

wait, let me catch my breath!!! now how fun was that!!! we share so much, especially the laughter. Thanks for playing with this! I so agreed with Deb, but It was given to me with honor and I passed it the same way. I think it is a good exercise in deciding what to tell others and it is a wonderful way to find new blogs! everyone had a great list!
oh and thanks so much for understanding the pet requirement in my home!!! you were the only one who got it!!! of course!!!
now I am off to view you list, bottoms up! what naughtiness do you have in store??? xox

The Weaver of Grass said...

I must say Kim that I have just done this too and I found it quite difficult. Your seven things are very interesting and I feel I know you a little better as a result of reading them.

alteredbits said...

thank you so much, my sweet friend! that is so very kind of you and i adore all that you've written! i am going to have to ponder mine for a wee bit... what seven things should i actually admit to or reveal in public? ;)

if i don't post it today (due to lack of verbal creativity) i will as soon as we return from the beach. we're leaving eaaaaarly tomorrow, yeah! wee man's first camping trip if you can believe that one. i'm a crappy mum.

i'm sad that you hate the phone, by the way. i was pondering getting the "free calling anywhere world-wide" plan 'cause it's only $5/mo. oh well -- i'll just hunt for goodies on the beach for you again and mail them with a note instead. ;)

Seth said...

I found this to be such a great post. Loved reading more about you and really appreciate the bonus detail about laughter! And you are so not under that rock anymore!!!

Mrs. G. said...

You are so kind to include me with all these other folks who I intend to visit.

I can't do memes. I barely have enough time to floss lately.

One thing about me is that I can't stand the sound of styrofoam breaking. It makes me grind my teeth.

Thank you!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

How lovely to be included in such a fine list Kim! Many thanks for thinking of me! Blogland is a great place because of special people like yourself! Great reading more about you, #6 certainly sounded interesting, I have a thing for all things medieval. Now to visit all your linkies :)

La Dolce Vita said...

Oh good, you fixed the links! I had to come by this am and see if they I could visit them all and tell them you sent me! still chuckling over the "Gorgeous" adjective and Mrs. G's site...OMG...that would be OH MY GODDESS!!!!! xox LMAO!

MrCachet said...

I told Set this morning that I'm not the person to say NO to anything remotely similar to his exercises because they are unhealthy for my fanny. You are one of the best, Kim!

Kelly Jeanette said...

Thanks for including me, Kim. I'll ahve to think this over but will do a posting (as soon as my internet problems clear up.).
You had such as interesting list there. Was it the SCA you belonged to? I was in that once, long ago.
Now I'm off to ponder my list.

Dayna Collins said...

Congrats on the award and thanks for sharing a bit about yourself! Always fun to get to know you better . . .