Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Alpha & Omega

So it's the end of one year and the beginning of another. What a busy but fun year it has been, hopefully followed by an even better one! To everyone out in cyberspace, and any other place you happen to be inhabiting, have a fabulous new year filled with everything you could wish for or at least need!

Onto the arty stuff. Here's the last of the christmas cards to post. I had little time this year for cards so only a few for work friends as the family ones had to be mailed earlier at a time when I had no time for art, blah!!! And so...
Hard to see here but a lovely shimmery shiny background made from twinkling h2o's and a little glitter. A girl's gotta have some bling right!

What can I say, Dolly is very persisitent and was adamant about being included in the card making :)

She even contacted Santa! Quite the pushy girl is our dolly!

And onto the xmas photos here's the latest. A typical Aussie xmas scene!

The ds and 2 of our favourite nephews relaxing together... then...

The women in the kitchen! Ahh well maybe next year a swap! I can hear the groans of protest already... well one can always dream!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kicking Off

So I finally made the leap to blogger land, how exciting, well at least for me anyway! I have to admit to stalking loads of blogs and learning everything I can from so many wonderful people out in cyberspace, and to all of you many hugs for sharing your wonderful work and providing we newbies to the aty world with so much help and inspiration. Many of you probably have no idea how appreciative the rest of us are and how much you inspire and help to tune the creative urges of others out here so a huge hug to everyone who blogs and keep up the great work! I suppose this blog will really be a place to ramble on about the everyday stuff but mostly somewhere to post my own arty stuff in an effort to share with everyone else out here in blogger land. The aim is really just to share and maybe someday someway help to inspire someone else to find their creative spirit.

Okay enough with the ramblings it's down to the nitty gritty stuff! We have just gotten over, through, and survived the xmas hoohar with the family here in sweaty Noosa in Queensland and it has been fabulous as always to have them here and at least soak up a little airconditioning for xmas, phew, but it's going to be hot here today, 33 degrees C and climbing, blah:( I love xmas and all the fanfare that goes with it, really it should just be xmas all year around and I would be perfectly happy but I suppose I may not appreciate it all the same way then. So here's my fav snap so far bearing in mind I haven't recieved all the family's collection of snaps yet (that would be a big hint to you all out there who may be reading this)

It's my dd on the right and darling neice on the left, aren't they gorgeous, yes yes family the other pics will be uploaded soon I promise but for now that's all there is so far!
So onto some arty stuff now, I promise:) I suppose I should start with the christmassy things before the season completely runs away from me. So here they are some cards I made after being inspired by so many other's work out there.
Well I did warn you I have a bit of a quirky sense of humour, so there! Isn't he just too cute to resist!

I just couldn't pass this pic up either, those babes are just asking for some christmassy fun! Well there it is that's all for the first one. Will be back soon with more cards and other assorted stuff.