Sunday, February 22, 2009

Darwins Adopted!

Well sometimes I just crack myself up! Not sure others will get my weird sense of humour though. I have admired Marsha Jorgensen's art for some time now and admit to stalking her blog over at Tumble Fish Studios. I love the colour and techniques in her work (and can only wish I had half the talent occupying her little finger!) and so I decided to borrow her style (and I say that very loosely Marsha) and have a play. Here he is, poor Darwin! I read this funny quote from Steven Wright about his theory of Darwin being adopted (tongue in cheek I guess as he is a very funny comedian) and couldn't help myself, so here he is, captured at the moment he finds out. Of course Larry the fish just had to tell him, he can't let the poor fellow go through life not knowing can he! Acrylics, watercolours, collage elements, papers, stamping with Stazon and journalling .
I have been having a little journal playing. Yes, yes I know you got that! It was time for my February page for the Blue Bazaar journal challenge and here it is. This month saw the prompt in the form of a variety of images to choose from. I only used the triangular shapes and the words 'art journal' from the prompts. Funny but this page was just screaming to get out and ran onto the page as fast as I could get it down. Love it when that happens! Maybe because its just simple, no mucking around being the perfectionist this time as I am want to do then become very disappointed later! More of this I say! Yes, I like this fast flowing work!
Pretty simple as I said . Acrylic background some paper collage elements, more paint washing and splattering then a fiddle with the journalling pen and voila! If only all of life could be so simple and such fun!
On another note the secret project is growing, so well in fact it's much bigger then my original intention, as sometimes these things are want to do, it has taken on a life of it's own. I am happy with the progress however, maybe I'll put in a few sneaky peeks soon. Don't want to blow the suprise for the recipient!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Card and Collage

It's my mum's birthday this week so I have been busy making her a little something. First a card made from some beautiful Luxe design papers. These papers are from the Sprinkles and Capris ranges.

I love these papers, bold and bright designs just right for summer! The central flower was cut from the patterned paper, embossed with clear embossing powder then painted with twinkling h2o's. Love the colour and sheen these little paints give to everything.

Next a fabric and paper collage on canvas.

White linen background, then layers of laces, a gorgeous Basic Grey paper, and a few little bits to embellish with. Top it off with a lovely little frame and a cute vintage image! Let's hope she likes it. If she doesn't the dd has put in a request!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

More Medieval Madness

Here's a few more pages from the medieval scrapbook. Once again the scanner is giving me a few problems with glare from the white backgrounds so the colour here is not as true as it should be. This first page design has been taken form a germanic medieval text and is reproduced as true to colour and design as I was capable of (except for the bleep, bleep scanner of course). The reason for the choice was the couple in the photograph, my brother and his good lady, have Germanic medieval personalities so this seemed the right choice for their picture. Here they are at their investiture as the new Baron and Baroness of Riverhaven, their local group. Ah, yes, there are titles, position and power to be had!

This photograph for the next page was quite small after trimming away unwanted distractions from the subjects (the Baron and Baroness at the feast), and so I have chosen a persian design for the page and made their photo the centrpiece for the design. Again the design is faithful in both colour and pattern to the original medival design but without the original centrepiece.

This design for this page came form a French book of Hours, one of my personal favourites. I love the vine and scroll leaves and birds. The photo is of the then King and Queen (viking personas) after the fromal celebrations in their relaxing and less formal mode. I know the design is french and they are vikings but I like this design!!!

This next one I don't remember where the style has come from. I think it was from a book of hours as well, correct me if I'm wrong. The photo is of the brother peeking over his new tourney shield, huzzah! I just need to finish the wording for the page to be completed.

And finally the blast of spring colour! Here they are the Baron and Baroness enjoying the tourney held next day in honour of their investiture. This design was taken from another book of hours, Italian I think from memory. The original was just beautiful. Again I have reproduced the colour as best I was able to stay faithful to the original designs, but again the thing with the scanner and glare. If only I could go back and age the paper!

There you have it, a little glimpse of medieval fun in todays settings. Now that's an anachronism!