Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hearts and Weddings

Page 2 from the Book of Hearts. A page about weddings and hearts. Hearts in love, hearts full of hope for the future, hearts leaving their past behind them, hence the frontpiece, the book of hearts.

Here my grandfathers brothers have grown up, as boys will do. On the left my grandfathers elder brother, the brother who joined him in the orphanage. He has grown and joined the navy where he enjoyed a wonderful career. He has met his sweetheart and here they are on their wedding day together. Hearts full of hope and love, the past gone and replaced by something wonderful. On the right the younger brother that stayed with their mother. It is also his wedding day. He too looks joyous and full of hope for his future life. I know little about him, he was not discussed by the family and when I was young I was loathe to rock the boat and ask about things which were so personal and painful to those I love. Of course now it is too late I wish I had asked. I am sure my grandfather would have brushed it all aside and breezed over it all, but I cannot help being curious.

Below is a closer look at the bridal party. The lady on the far right is my great grandmother, the grooms mother. The same lady as from the previous post but later in her life. How happy she must have been, but here I always think she looks quite stern. I wonder why. Perhaps she just doesn't like having her photo taken. The background paper is a cover from an old music sheet. I felt it appropriate, the angel of dreams, for weddings are a time to dream. I also wanted the brothers to be together, if not in their real life then at least here, in the Book of Hearts.

Last but not least, I felt a wedding page should express the sentiment we all feel when we marry.

I rather think they would have liked this.
At least I hope so.
Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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Judy said...

Very nice Kim - keep adding those layers.
Such a lovely and thoughtful thing to do.

The Muse said...

I dare say they would have...it is a most lovely tribute!