Monday, April 6, 2009

Emus and Trains -Part 2 (or leaving the convicts behind)

So when I left you we had discovered a little of Tasmanias rail history and it's time to move on. The Rebuilders Guide. I thought this book apt. It is a reference to the stage of life my great Grandfather has moved into, his retirement. A time for rebuilding and refocussing in life.

You will have to forgive the odd colours in the photos. The page has an embossed very shiny frame that gave me many photography nightmares and produced a reasonable amount of colourful language from the person taking the photos (yes, well that was me!). The Rebuilders Guide is also a reference to the convict past. I wanted to acknowledge the past history but didn't want it to be the focus of the page, hence the frame below. Afterall it wasn't my great grandfather who was the convict.

And so to him. This is the only photograph I have of him, leaning on his porch at the front of the house, my great grandmother sitting there too. The gardening piece on the left represents his life once retired. Like many of his generation he had a wonderful vegetable garden where he was always doing something.

Loved this little piece I found in a book. Thought it said it all really.

More of the Book of Hearts soon!

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Shelly said...

Lovely details and interesting story !! Well done.