Sunday, June 7, 2009

Keep calm and carry on!

Sometimes it takes a bit of planning to get a project right! Sometimes ideas just run out whole and complete and at othertimes an idea will roll around in my head for forever then suddenly, pop! Currently I have several things rolling around, and a few ideas as well, LOL! Seth Apter has posted pics of his inspiration board for all to share and has posed the question. Do you use one? What do you have on it? Well, yes I do, but not as organised as yours Seth, and it's more of a chaotic view inside my head thing really. But seriously, I like to get it all down somewhere to help me nut it all out. Usually I write copious notes and have a hard drive full of images that inspire me. My computer desk (which is huge!!!) always has an area on one side with a neat stack of papers, usually containing notes, images, fabric and textile bits etc. These seem to be related to rabbits, breed overnight and cover my work table as well. The computer desk might be organised, but the work table is a whole other question:) (No, I will not show you pics either!) I do run a planning board though. Its covered in all sorts of stuff. Images that inspire me, other artists work that also inspires, pictures relating to current ideas, some that pan out and others that need more work, quotes I love, and notes. (I couldn't live without them). I am always scribbling down ideas. So Seth, here it is, my current crop of ideas in their plannning stages. (I don't believe I'm doing this! You can click to see details if you're feeling brave!)
Keep calm and carry on!

As you can see, bits everywhere. Probably a reflection of my inner psyche.
Now panic and freak out! LOL.
So now I've shown you mine... it's your turn to play!
(P.S. Seth did you clean yours up, it looks so organised! )

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Seth said...

Nice. Thanks for sharing. There are some really cool pieces here. I particularly like the two abstracts (photos? artwork?) toward the upper left hand corner.

nancy neva gagliano said...

kim, thanks for stopping in to view my "stuff"....but your clearly defined spaces between gorgeous pieces of ?? artwork/color sample/photos helps me realize that it's time to GO GET SOME CORK BOARD, and create a movable feast (which yours looks like).....

jennifer said...

hi kim,
thanks for leaving a message on my reminders2bepresent post:) i don't get them too often! i love your inspiration board as well, especially the "keep calm and carry on" sign. i have signs all over my house to remind me to do things like that as well. i am really enjoying your blog! really like your journal pages too. i used to make handmade books/journals and fill them with stuff, but haven't done one in a while (besides my collaborative ones with artist friends). are you a teacher? i'll have to spend some time looking at your artwork. all the layers and details are fascinating... peace, jennifer

La Dolce Vita said...

Great images and I love the color swatches! thanks for visiting my blog!

Lisa H said...

This looks like a REAL board with REAL person stuff and inspiration.

"Keep Calm & Carry On" better sentiment.

rivergardenstudio said...

i love this, especially your color swatches... Roxanne

Shelly said...

Very interesting board, Kim. Little clues to our inner selves. History, mystery and a hint of a dark side, I see !! All good stuff.

Dayna Collins said...

I like how your images and words are placed so that you can easily see them and be inspired. I so love getting peeks into the studios of other artists, so thank you for letting me have a glimpse into yours.