Thursday, October 22, 2009

Update Pulp Redux Collaboration

So I found the matches...


I thought I should fill you all in on the progress of the altered book I'm making for my part in the Pulp Redux collaboration.

The end result...

I'm quite happy with this one!

I've created a burned niche in the front cover of the book to house a new title.

Oh, yes, the title, well...

I rather thought I'd call it...

Fragments, Vestiges & Remains!

What do you think?

A book about the little pieces that make up the whole.
Perhaps fragments of fabrics, text, textiles. Maybe a fragment of a life lived, an object from another place or time,
or some small vestige from something that has survived... something.
The idea intrigues me.

Then again I'm curious, and inexplicably drawn to remnants of almost anything and the stories they represent.

Here's the book niche.

I rather thought the niche worked well with the title.

I love it, so of course you should too, LOL!

Ahh, but seriously I thought the burnt remains idea worked well with the theme and you all know I really enjoy a good burning in the name of art!

But there is so much more to do so I had best get on with it!

Now the dark blue covers aren't at all what I have had in mind , so...
what to do?

Well I really like the aged look of the book boards and fabric on the cover so how about a wee colour adjustment, a bit of a reno!

I decided to go with that idea and have used walnut ink to dye the covers.
Wow, that was fun and I'm really pleased with the result, just what I had hoped for!


Hey, not bad, but you should see my fingers, LOL!

Basically it took about a third of the bottle to get good even coverage and 2 days to dry completely but it was worth it.
I'm really happy with the resultant colouring and it has kept the book covers aged appearance, and I think it fits in with the theme so much better than that blue shade.

Now pushing ahead with the alterations and keeping in with the theme, some fabric dying to add to the covers.

Since my hands were already covered in walnut ink, I have also dyed some cheese cloth and tulle to add to the book with the ink.

I've glued it on and now I have to wait for that to dry too, sigh!

Getting there! I'm sooo impatient, I have all these ideas and can't wait to play!
(Stamping my foot and poking out my tongue too, LOL!)

Think I'll go make some embellishments while I'm waiting!

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La Dolce Vita said...

I am stamping my little feet and poking out my tongue too! cos I cannot wait to see the finished piece! what you have here is just spectacular and I love the dye jobs! and the title, well I can only imagine what things will be revealed! xo

Marie said...

What fun you are conjuring! I love the title 'Fragments, Vestiges, and Remains'. (It reminds me of the closet in my studio!) The walnut ink did wonders. I'm glad I stopped in this evening. (I notice in the time of your post it is already tomorrow over there!) Glad the internet brings you close. Will keep checking in with your progress.

Kim Mailhot said...

Wowsza ! This is magnificent, Kim ! I love the niche and the color you achieved with that walnut ink is so perfectly "aged". Why is is that we artists never think about rubber gloves ? ;) Would take some of the fun out of it, wouldn't it ?
I think the anticipation and foot stomping will pay off !
Cheers !

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

ooo your book is really taking shape, the walnut ink is the ticket, lovely how it looks on the fabrics too, your niche is da bomb!!!

Zappha said...

I love it. I am a big fan of using all the elements in a work of art and nothing is exciting as a good 'burn'. The title is perfect....the entire concept is perfect.

deb said...

oh how i hate waiting for things to dry, you are so much more patient than i... and your results are superb, I am looking forward to seeing how this all turns out!