Monday, February 8, 2010

Getting side tracked

Yup that's me, wandering off, creatively speaking.

I know it has been a while since I have blogged but don't think that means I haven't been up to much. Conversely it usually means I have been so busy I just haven't managed to get around to it yet. Such is the case at this point in time. As you all know I have been busily engaged in the Pulp Redux collaboration with 4 other fabulous artists and I'm having a wonderful time doing so, but every now and then one needs to recharge one's creative batteries and take a sideways step into something else for a wee while. I seem to have had little time for journalling lately, in part as I am getting short of journalling pages, (I know can you believe it!!!), so it was time to take a creative break from the book collaboration and spend some time making myself a new journal to play in.

I decide to enjoy a little encaustic play with this one and I think I might be doing a few of these for a while, I LOVE them!

I think I have a bit of a thing for wax!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that texture!

I just love the way it feels under my fingers.

This one is quite a big one, 8 x 10 but that's all the more room to play in!

The cover is not a flat encaustic finish but undulates with the items embedded in the wax, but not enough to be a problem when using the book. I really like this imperfect type of finish and the textured results it gives and how it feels to the touch.

Background is clear encaustic wax, acrylic paints, ink, tissue paper, transfers, photograph, fabric, feathers, leaves and bark. Items which represent the usual wandering of my mind which translate into journal entries.
Coptic binding so it opens nice and flat and a heavy weight water colour paper for fun journal play.

Now if only I could stop touching the front cover long enough to do something on the inside, LOL!
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The Weaver of Grass said...

Interesting Kim - I am just starting a book on similar lines and I can't stop working on the cover - look forward to seeing yours when it is complete.

La Dolce Vita said...

oh this is just gorgeous Kim! wax is soooo addictive isn't it? love the cover and I do know what you mean when you are enamored with something, it is hard to see past the new love light!!! glad to see you back hope you are mobile now! xo

Lisa said...

wax is so tactile.. i've never tried it but it looks addicting for sure. your pieceis beautiful..lots of lovely layers and textures too! I agree that it is about time to return to the pulp project as you say!

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

I'm not familiar with using wax, but your journal and your description of it all makes me want to try! Your collage looks great and it will be a very inspiring book to work in.

Godd to take detours sometimes...

Debrina said...

Kim - I totally missed this latest posting. Duh! You look to me as if you've had a lot of fun!!! I sent your paper off last week but have an apology to make. I had to remove teh cardboard support from the package as it had thrown the price of the postage up to astronomical proportions, so I just hope the paper isn't crushed or dented when it gets to you. If it is, let me know and I'll send you a thinner anmount but with cardboard to protect it. Oh I just love what you've been doing here. I've been thinking about encaustic recently - I have a whole lot of wax crayons that Jason doesn't use, so I might melt it down and start playing. I'm already thinking of using preserving wax too, as it's clear and I can add dyes to it.


Marie said...

I'd been wondering when you'd get back to us!
Your journal cover is fantastic, the large view incredibly yummy. (Yes, I get the sensuality!) Hopefully this will inspire many wonderful pages.

Seth said...

Really nice composition here. And it looks like it must have been fun creating.

alteredbits said...

this is just lovely, kim! i adore it! and i'm glad you've taken a bit of a pulpy break too. it's so fun, but if you're anything like me (which i'm sure you are) you analyze every little piece, every step of the way. journalling and personal things are such a nice break because you can be so free. can't wait to see more of your waxy wonders. gorgeous!

Four Seasons in a Life said...

Dear KIm,

One day I hope to venture into the world of creating encaustic art, for now I will enjoy other artists charing their work with us.

The elements you have applied are all very interesting and express a unique view.

Thank you for sharing,

Studio Sylvia said...

Wonderful Kim! The various elements come together beautifully in your composition. Wax is one medium I haven't tried yet. On the to do list.