Tuesday, December 7, 2010

En Route... Kim's final contribution to Debs book-Pulp Redux Collaboration

Hello everyone, back again. No interenet connection for four days left me feelin a little crazy I can tell you!

Oh, isn't technology fabulous!...
that is until it stops working!

We have had the most unbelievable wet season so far, rain rain and you guessed it...
more rain!
The pool is overflowing and I'm not sure if it is ever going to get hot enough to swim in, but I digress!

The fabulous (only if you're a duck!!!) weather has however had a fantastic effect on my art time, no distractions at all to take me away from the studio so tada...
I have finished my contribution to Deb's fantastic book for the Pulp Redux collaboration.

Okay, if you haven't read the post over at the pulp site, (and WHY HAVEN"T YOU!!!) here's the update on the storyline...

Deb's book centres around a storyline about our heroin Maude. Now young Maude has finally escaped from a loveless marriage, and purchased some great retro eyewear to correct her vision problem (which the evil first husband didn't even know about either by the way, what sort of husband was he!!!), and has taken up with her first true love Damien and the pair are cruising the world, as only people from the late 1800's can in fabulous style, (I'm still volunteering to be the baggage handler if only they would take me up on it, I don't mind a good holiday...). Okay last seen in Egypt (courtesy of diary entries from the fabulous Alicia), we now join the story of our star crossed young lovers.

Enter Kim.

Okay, so now you know the backgrouind I decided to do a 360 degree turn (as only I can, LOL) and pick up the storyline from Damien's perspective.

Now our dashing gent had some sort of life prior to he and Maude resuming their undying love, so what is it?

Now young Damien is an anthropologist, oh yes he is... with interests in the up and coming sciences of archeology and cartography, a perfectly respectable career for a man of his age and times.

Now as you have probably guessed from the previous post, Damien has been offered a position in an expedition to the Yucatan penninsular to explore the ruins of the Mayan civilisation.(Oooo, Oooo, pick me, I'm sooo wanting to be the baggage girl now, sigh!)

(Ahh, well if I can't go in person I'm so going to enjoy the creative process of making the piece and pretending I did, so there!)

Enter the brass book!

Here you saw the background information to the storyline and the scene is set for the next part of the tale.

Hidden niches, I love them so much!

And now over the page and...


Damiens journal!

More secret compartments to reveal...

well there were more secrets to tell you LOL!

Since it would take waaaaay too many pictures to tell the story in this post I have put together a slide show instead. It includes some of the pics you have already seen and more of the new section together to tell the story. Sit back and enjoy...

or at least I hope you do!

I did think about adding music but decided it would probably drive you all mad after a while so I left it out.
(Read that as it would probably drive me mad after the bazillionth time it played, LOL)!

So here tis!
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So there did you enjoy it? So our lovers have married in the steamy South American jungle. The package in the niche contains a piece of fabric from Damiens wedding vest and a small piece of lace from Maudes dress, along with a piece of poetry from Maude to Damien. Did you notice that Maude has cast aside her eyewear? Apparently she doesn't need it now! Very brave of her really, her being in the jungle and all! Well there you are. The piece will be winging it's way off to the lovely Lisa Sarsfield in New Zealand for her contribution now. I wonder what Maude will get up to next?

Speaking of the long white cloud, (which I'm sure has hit some sort of snag and ended up hanging over my house for the last few months!) Really it has rained evey day for weeks now and we are apparently going to have our wettest summer on record, oh goody! I'd best brave the rain and try to rescue some of the garden before it washes away! Just as well I love the rain now, isn't it!


Debrina said...

I've left you a goodly sized comment on our Pulp Redux blog, Kim. I am happy to read that the lucky couple have finally gotten married. Oooo the steamy jungle! I bet the marriage was consumated in a pretty steamy way too! Ha ha. Funnily enough, I'm currently reading a book called teh Scent of Vanilla, which is set in the Amazon and is based in magical realsim...a bit like this fantastic contribution you've made here, Kim!
Glad you guys are finally getting lots of rain...let's face it, you Aussies have had a fair share of drought.
Thanks for making me grin from ear to ear this morning. I feel like xmas has arrived several times over with this posting of yours.
Love Debs

Lisa said...

Kim, Incredibly creative take with the plot. loved your photo essay.. you are quite the travel expert...stunning in verse and visual detail. I truly think you've taken Deb's book to the next level...i am impressed with what you've created here...and I'm sure Damien and Maude feel the same!

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Oh WOW!! I sure am glad I am not too far behind on this fantastic post! I've had internet issues too but mine were accidently self inflicted! Anyway...you have done an amazing job on this and I love how you focused on Damien!You book and diary and all the iddy-biddy's are intriquing and I can't wait to get it into my hands!!

Glad to share some of our rain with you:) lol.

~*~Patty S said...

Fantastic many times over dear Kim!

Oxana said...

WOW!!!!!! Simply gorgeous!!!!

Marilyn Rock said...

Absolutely jaw dropping! I'm so happy I paid a visit today. Thank you!

Riki Schumacher said...

I could be a baggage girl!! Amazing imagination, incredible mixed media, you guys rock. Eye candy for sure, all of it. Lucky Maude. Hugs, Riki

rivergardenstudio said...

wow... all your details are amazing, each scrap of fabric and metal, and the story! Love it all! roxanne

Leslie said...

This is beautiful Kim, and such a wonderful story!

Debrina said...

Kim, thanks for commenting on my workshop posting! We had such a blast and yes, it was crazy us all going out to flea market shop! We actually all went for different things, so there were no real fights at the counter, ha ha! Even though Pania got the find of the day for 20c!

Debrina said...

PS. Sneak peek coming up after Christams on my progress with your Pulp Book. I'm already a goodly way through it!

Gaby Bee said...

Wow, this is amazing, and such a wonderful story!

Love and hugs to you my friend for the festive season. Hope it’s a fabulous Christmas for you and yours! Best wishes for the New Year.

Gaby xo

alteredbits said...

this is just as stunning over here on your blog as it is on the pulp blog... you are an amazing lady!

i'm loving that green page. feel do drawn to green lately. gorgeous, gorgeous work, lady!!

happy belated solstice and happy christmas!

Leovi said...

A beauty of composition with great creativity. Happy 2011 and happy decade 2011-2020. My best wishes. Leovi.

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