Sunday, January 23, 2011

Where does your inspiration come from?

Confessions of a blog hopper!

Right now, right here I will confess all!

I am a blog hopper!

Yes, yes...I am!

I admit to you all that I spend WAY more time than I should in looking!

Truthfully now, I think this probably counts as some sort of major addiction. I can visualise a future in which there will be institutions set up for the rehabilitation of many like minded souls who will require years of therapy in able to live more normal (read that as less addicted) lives, and physiotherapy sessions a plenty aimed at the reduction of flat bottomed butts! This is bound to be a major by-product of blog addiction in the future.


I must say if you are seeking inspiration, then, this is certainly a place where you will find it.

(It is also damn handy to be able to get up and attend to the chores and distractions of life as required then flit back again later for the next drool session as time permits!)

I admit to perusing all manner of others blog types.

I can frequently be found jumping from artist's blogs to decorating blogs, and store blogs etc.
Yes. I do not snobbishly leave out any particular type of blog. In this I am a model of tolerance for all!

In truth though I am looking for inspiration.

The trick is to stop looking at the items as objects and to start to look at them more closely.
Blur the lines and discover.
What is it that appeals to me?

If you are seeking inspiration take a closer look with your artists eyes not your usual 'scanning and immediately passing over it without really seeing it' eyes.

Look at the colours... the hues, shading, tone.

Look at the textures, how they work off each other to form the whole.

Line, form, it's all there. What do you see?

Here's what caught my eye from the world of architecture.

(Disclaimer- The following pics are all from my inspiration files and very naughtily I forgot to list their source, which I would normally do.
Obviously this day I was somewhat distracted but at least had the good sense to file the pics.
So if these came from your blog, let me know and I will credit you as the source, and thank you for the wonderful inspiration!)

A beautiful vaulted ceiling. The sinewness (is that a word???) of the lines caught my eye and the colour shading and depth.


How can I transfer this to my art?

I'm in love with the texture of the stone, the lines formed by the design of the groined vault.

The cut and smooth set against the rough hewn blocks.

I would love to walk through here and touch the beauty of the stone and hear my footsteps echo.

And who can resist a staircase, winding away out of sight to...


And then there's this ...

the 'piece de resistance'...

Wow! Now that's a staircase!

No way I'm walking down that in my high heels, I'm putting mine on at the bottom, LOL!

(The woman in me is saying I would hate to clean that!)

I'm loving the curved lines.

So there. Flat bottomed people unite!

Confess your sins.

Where do you go to find your inspiration?

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Texture Peeks

I know it's a bit quiet over here at Wandering Heart Studios but there is lots happening.
Of course you know I can't tell you about it yet so...

until then enjoy some texture from the studio.

Perhaps some white...

and some not quite white!

(and no this isn't a picture of my skin!!!)

Texture from sneaky peeks...

and the imprint of a leaf in hand made paper.

Hope your day's a textural one!
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Learn How You Really See Color!

Ever wondered how you really see colour? We all have our own perception of colour. Some of us view certain colours as more red or blue, or maybe yellows get you confused! Maybe it's just certain hues that get your knickers in a knot!

Ever wanted to try to work out exactly where your colour perception is at? Try this for a little fun. It only takes 5 minutes and is relatively pain free, LOL!
Here's a pic of the test.
See easy, just arrange the squares in order.

and here's how mine turned out.

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Not too bad really. I can live without the need to be perfect!

Why don't you give it a spin.

You never know, maybe you have perfect colour perception!
Good luck!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Things are gettin' hairy!

Christmas and New Year...



and then...

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Now I know you have all heard about the rain in Oz, especially in Queensland where I live. I was talking to Cat, from La Dolce Vita the other day. She was asking if we had had any of the awful flooding here where I am and I answered that most of the serious rainfall has been north of where we live and things are wet here but pretty good, no real flood damages in our area, but after today there might be a bit of a reassessment.

The heavens opened here today...

just for a few hours we had some serious, and I do mean, SERIOUS rain.

Looking out my front windows the yard suddenly became this...

Then this when I opened my front door...

In the space of 15 minutes the front door mat had sailed away down the river that had begun to flow from the front, around the side of the house and into the pool in the backyard.

Do, do, do, lookin out my backdoor!
(Channelling some Credence for you all, LOL)

Don't know if you can see it but it was bucketing, even for subtropical us!

Oh, No, gotta go!
Down tools and every man/girl/there's only me here, gulp, to the rescue the water is risin real quick folks!

2 hours of, digging trenches for drainage, siphoning off the pool of 6 inches of water and setting up some ag pipes to carry away excess water and I finally got to go inside again.

No-one home but me, and thank goodness I was!

The view over my back fence...

We have lots of native bush and parkland around us here but over the backfence which is about five feet lower than the yard this is the stream running through the land now! I think the local bush turkeys have lost their nests!

Thank heavens I managed to save everything and the weather has eased back to mere normal rainfall instead of torrential bucketing!

This is the forecast for us until approximately mid April!

The thump was my jaw hitting the ground today when I was told the long distance forecast.

In need of some middle ground here I think.

Anyway's can't let you all go without leaving you with some art to look at.

The last of the journal pages for 2010.

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Look into my eyes...

Told you things were gettin' hairy, LOL!

Looking for a way out?

Hope your 2011 is fabulous!

So what are you up to?

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