Friday, May 22, 2009

Book of Bubbles



the past...

And so to the next chapter in the Book of Hearts, my mothers childhood years. The Book of Bubbles page. This appealed to my sense of humour, lots. :) Bubbles and childhood just seem to go together really. These pictures are of Mum and her sister at their first home in Burnie, Tasmania. Mum is the little terror with her doll bottom left. (hahaha mum, dobbed you in). I think she is about 2 years old here. Won't reveal her current age, thats just not very ladylike really.

Suffice to say she was around a little after the dinosaurs (just kidding) LOL! ( Ouch. I felt that Mum!) hahahahaha!
Oh, the lock and key are to symbolise the key to a happy childhood...carefree times with your best friend, your big sis!
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