Friday, May 29, 2009

The Nursery Years

Time to press on with the book of hearts. Another childhood page (it actually faces the previous one that was posted). Here is my mother and her sister with their grandmother, Ivy. I just loved this photo so had to include it. Mum is the wee tot in her granny's arms, too cute Mum! Surrounding the photo an old silver frame thats taken a beating, literally, LOL. Re shaped and glued down over the photo so as not to cover too much of the background paper. I really liked this old book page and , well it suited the theme rather well. It was after all mums nursery years. So to go along with the theme, the birds nesting in the top corner, some old vintage lace and an oyster shell button with a little silver hummingbird charm.

The picture shows some green tinting which isn't actually there, just a light trick. If only I could work out how to do that when I want to!
Dud photography skills again:)

And a closer view of the lower section of the page. The branch and a wee nest of silver wire and beads (for eggs) with a few tiny down feathers under the beads. The partner to the top hummingbird at the nest.

And music of course. Birdsong. Can't you hear them?

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