Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Creativity Can Be A Rough Journey!

Well, I have finally finished going through all the blogs that were participating in Seth's Buried Treasure. The butt's recovered and ready to go, the therapist is a damn sight richer than me now, LOL, but alas, between blog hopping, family and work there has been little time for art! Ye gads! I knoooow you are all soooo shocked! (me too!) I am currently head bashing around some art ideas and they are causing some, what had better be very temporary, wrinkling of the forehead.
The subject has been chosen, step one complete!
The format, arrived at, step two complete!
Now do you here the screaming sound of brakes being applied!!!
That's the old noggin grinding to a halt, and herein lies the issue.
I just haven't nutted out all the little details!
Guess I'm feelin a little discombobulated! (Oh yeah baby, look who swallowed the dictionary for breakfast today, aha aha aha! Go out and use that in a sentence today, then let me know how it goes. I'm interested in the unusual stuff!) For any of you completely at a loss now, the dictionary defines discombobulation as: to confuse or disconcert, to throw somebody into a state of confusion. That's me!

I am one of those people that maps it all out in my head when I embark on some major piece. Never does it just go blithely on and develop on it's own. Painting play yes, collage yes, but altering books, no, and that's the problem. I just cannot break, chop or generally destroy a book, even for the sake of art, without some sort of overall plan first. Oh, it may all change after I start, but there was originally a plan! I just loooove books too much to hack one up only to find I am unhappy with the way it is all going so let's just cut up another. Think it was too much time devoted to reading over the years, I loooove reading, so just can't do it! :( Sooo, the current problem is just that I need to nut out the finer stuff. I have no doubt that will happen shortly as I am about to take a two week break from work and intend to spend some serious time arting, woohoo, can't wait!!! Roll on Fridaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!

In the meantime, however...

DON'T PANIC!!! No matter what is going on there is always time to journal, phew! Sooooo, here's the latest round of journal fun, just so you know I haven't fallen off the planet!

Umm do you think this reflects my current dilemma? Maybe journalling will help!

Naaaaa, didn't work. Time to watch the storm instead!

Oh yeah, now I rule da house!!! Getting closer I think, LOL!
As you can see a variety of styles from various journals I have going, all at once too I will add. (For my sister in art, Cat, who's got the AADD now baby!! LOL! To all those souls out there wondering about AADD, a common affliction amongst members of the artistic community, AADD stands for Artist Attention Deficit Disorder. An affliction which causes said sufferer to constantly rove between various art forms and ideas without being able to settle on any one particular art form or style. Yeah you know you have it too, LOL!)
As a small aside I also suffer from DTS, otherwise known as dyslexic typing syndrome, which I define as a person who manages to type slower than their brain composes and so ends up with words completely typed in a state of utter chaos which would render any spelling bee champion apoplectic! (Woo that's two fun words in one post! Doin' the fun dance now kiddies!) Thank goodness it only happens when I type. I can actually behave in a semi normal state at other times, LOL!
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notmassproduced said...

i know how u feel - i kind of just trust that the ideas will come or that things will go ok with the art - otherwise i get uptight and so does the art!

Can't wait to see what you do!

La Dolce Vita said...

LOL! LOL! LOL! I am rolling in laughter!!!
tha'ts sooo funny I have the SAME typing problem! Imagine that! guess we will have to chat about your book issue!!! I never have problems ripping up books especially when they are crumbling or pages are falling apart.
I love your journal pages Kim! so playful and light hearted and then the Parker quote is so wonderful! a dark and stormy night! oh and another wild woman!!!!xo cat

The Weaver of Grass said...

I have that typing illness too! And often I don't notice until I have finished a post. Like you I find little time for actually creating any new art - but seem to fill my days with other things. Very frustrating.

Ro Bruhn said...

Love the journal pages and I have holiday envy, enjoy your break.

Debrina said...

Ha ha - you have such a fine sense of humour and your journaling pages are just gorgeous. I love your lightning storm painting. We sit on our verandha to watch the ones we get here...

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Such lively and colorful journal pages, great style you have!
The storm piece and quote are very thought provoking!

Marie said...

I really enjoy the humor and personality in your work1

thanks for commenting over on cinnamon studio.

alteredbits said...

i can't wait to see the ideas that have been bashing around in that sweet head of yours and i am soooo glad that all your business has still allowed time to journal! that is much more than i can say. i LOVE your new pages!! i especially love the stripey socks peek -- too sweet! i'm a stripey socks whore though so of course i would love her in all her gorgeous glory.

and, i think i have DTS oot. :)

Trudi Sissons said...

So happy you stopped by my blog so I could visit yours !
What a splendid sense of humor and true to life journal pages!! I'm inspired to think I might be able to figure out what to write one day seeing that you can take a thought and flow with it. Oh and yes, I have that AADD and just plain old ADD...hop, hop, drop and roll!!
Beautiful work! I'll be back.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm not one to journal, but these pages put a huge smile on my face. If that was your intent (to lighten your mood), you did a great job at it.

I often have trouble with AADD. When I started making art, it was altered books only. Now I'm trying so many more things, and want to jump around from project to project. I seldom plan anything I make, then get half way through it, and think "why didn't I just think about this before I jumped in?" As a fellow sufferer and sympathizer, you have described a common condition of mine with just that hint of humor it needed!!

Hope you're still on holiday. Love your art and appreciate you stopping by my place, too.

The Artist Within Us said...

I love this post of yours very much! It seems to hit the nail on the head on several points.

I too find it very hard to break a book for the sake of creating an altered book, even though I have collected a number of books for just that purpose, I still have to take the first step which I have not so far.

Some of the books were purchased just to use the individual pages as collage material and yet I have not removed a single page.

Your AADD definition is perfect! Now I know what I have been suffering from all these years, now if the health insurance only understood this and offered some help, maybe I could get some art done.

Have a great weekend,