Sunday, July 12, 2009

Journal Chillin

It's been a weekend to relax and catchup on a little journal play. I have been so busy recently it was nice to just sit and play at something without any pressures or expectations for a change. I have been reading art books, magazines and blogs and taking a few lessons from them all. So here's the first one. The first page is a sort of hybrid creation after watching Pam Carriker and Sharon Tomlinson create portraits for their journals. I've never been tempted to do a portrait, always felt I couldn't draw for quids, but, in for a penny... (and you have to learn sometime, right? Yeah... right! LOL). So here she is.

She's a little washed out from the scanner, but you get the drift! I can live with her, so that wasn't a complete failure!
(P.S. Ro, notice your fabulous stamp!!! LOVE it!)

Onto the second page... texture play!!! Woohoo!

Again I wanted to try something completely new, so, I'm gazing into the garden comtemplating the trees and what captures me...
Bark!!! Hmmm, must be able to use it somehow, what about a major texture play. Incorporate as much as I think the journal will hold up to without completely caving in! So off I went. Tissue paper and gel medium. Modelling paste with background and foreground stamping (I told you I love this poppy stamp Ro!!!). Then sheet music and gel again, then layers of acrylics and oils, followed by gel and bark. Add a few words and the piece d' resistance (did I spell that right???) wax!!! Oh yeah baby it sneaks in again! Gotta say I love, love, love the feel of the page, can't stop touching it! (Makes me sound a bit suspect really, but you know how it is with us texture peoples, LOL) Not an earth shattering picture but the texture... drool!

Okay Kim, wipe your drool up and move on!

And finally the outpourings from too much time spent at NASA/JPL's website.
The eye of the universe. Read into this piece what you will, I'm not influencing your take on this one!

The orange is actually copper but once again I succumb to crappy photography skills. Perhaps I should have stuck to reading photography for dummies instead!
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La Dolce Vita said...

LOL! LOL! LOL! you have me in a continuous belly laugh ! I am tellin ya, I am gettin that car and comin right over...!!!
Love your journal pieces and brave YOU, trying portraiture! I think you did a great job and I love the stamp too! cat

Anonymous said...

how fabulous your journal pages are! i agree -- so brave of you to do try portraiture! mine would look like something the cat coughed up i fear... but you have inspired me to try. i soooo want to feel your texture, not to sound weird. it looks fabulous and i adore you even more now that i know you have a "thing" for hanging around the nasa site. that's one of my little fetishes too. you have done fabulously -- all three pages are gorgeous!

Kim said...

You girls are sooo funny! Drive on over anytime! I so want to feel your texture should be every arty persons pick up line,LOL! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
Oh dear, I kill me sometimes:)

Ro Bruhn said...

Only just caught up with your blog again Kim, I love how you've used the stamp, both pieces look fabulous. The texture in the second one is great.