Thursday, July 2, 2009

Last Pages

And so onto the last pages in the Book of Hearts, my mother's pages. My mother is eighteen at this point, and I decided that this was enough, at least for now. The book is so much larger than ever first envisaged and it seems a good point to finish at both as a new chapter of her life began after this (namely the married with children phase ) and also the book worked well at this size before it became in danger of becoming clumsy and awkward to negotiate and utilise. So here she is at eighteen.

The page has a frame constructed using modeling paste and has been stamped and had tulle embedded into the paste to add some texture (got to love the textural stuff :), then a few coats of paints and wax finishes to deepen the effects of the texture additions. At the bottom of the page pictures of myself and my brothers as babes, (the future yet to come), and a cameo at the top because i always regarded this particular picture as a cameo of sorts and, well, just because both I and she love them, OKAY! Under the frame (which has a layer of mica over the pic too), an old doiley and some beautiful embossed papers I really was fond of and wanted to send to a good home.

On the other side of the spread a window frame (curtesy of Jen Crossley, thanks Jen!) coated in paint washes and small gold embroidery threads embedded in an impasto painted onto the surface. It's hard to see here but they glisten beautifully in person. A mica window covers a poetry piece and some seeds from my garden. All this and a wonderful green velvet background, (I also love green!) chosen to represent the future that blooms before her at this stage of life.

And on the inside of the frame...

A little quote for my mother and an image I couldn't resist to finish off the book. (You can click to see details of the pictures if you like).
And so the end is nigh.

The construction of the outside covers was a whole other story so I will post the pics of them in the next couple of days. Needless to say that was frought with obstacles but was a wonderful learning experience in itself.

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La Dolce Vita said...

oh Kim! beautiful work! Beautiful Mum! love the pix of you babes too! very visually chewy with so many textures! I wanna come play in your studio!!! LOL ...just hop in my car and drive over!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I just think this is such a wonderful idea, Kim - the images are lovely and what memories.

alteredbits said...

wow! this is stunningly gorgeous! what an amazing job you've done! i love the quote too!


Seth said...

Such a wonderful book full of creativity and meaning!