Saturday, January 31, 2009

Medieval Mayhem

The secret project is slowly coming along. This week saw me celebrate my 46th birthday, although as usual things didn't go to plan. There was an unexpected suprise which was lovely and my fabulous children cooked me a birthday dinner, which I loved. Unfortunately I have been sick for the last few days with Gastro, nothing to do with my fab children's culinary attempts but through other means. This has resulted in little arty enterprises for the last week and so I thought I would share with you all a project I undertook some time ago, a medieval book of sorts.
I was for some time a member of the SCA (otherwise known as the Society for Creative Anachronism, an anachronism being a thing out of it's own time or place). Here I frolicked around in medieval clothes, learned medieval skills such as costuming (a personal favourite), cooking (yum, yum), embroidery and an endless list of other skills which I thoroughly enjoyed, while watching the fighting prowess and skills of the those so inclined within the group (fab entertainment let me tell you). Unfortunatley due to more mundane reasons, eg job, travel, costs etc, it became difficult to continue my involvement in the group but I wanted to do justice to some of my photos from this time rather than just the usual scrapbook type pages which although lovely would not have been in keeping with the overall experience, and so I decided to embark on a medieval style scrapbook. After lots of research and some frustration over my own lack of skills, especially as a painter, the book was born. Here's a few pics...

The designs in the above pics were all copied from various original medieval designs from books, and manuscripts of the period and from a variety of countries. They have been copied then hand painted in an effort to faithfully reproduce the original works and designs. It is difficult to reproduce them faithfully here as the scanner tends to focus on the backgrounds and so glare is an issue. Oh well it's all a learning experience and if I decide to do another some day I would likely apply paper ageing techniques (I had learned little about them at the time I produced this work) to the background papers in an effort to produce something that looks more aged.
Ah well, there it is, a wonderful weekend to you all and to all our southern friends I am thinking cooler thoughts for you all.

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